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“Unfortunate Events” COVER REVEAL!!!!

Princes fall, a kingdom breaks, and lies arise. Mazleah has lost its Crowned Prince and the kingdom stands on the edge of ruin. When Kahtan Faber is forced into the King’s army life as he knew it collapses. Thrust onto a team with a brogue-speaking street boy, a secretive lordling, and his hometown bully, Kahtan… Continue reading “Unfortunate Events” COVER REVEAL!!!!

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Cover Reveal: Forgetten Memories by Penny Zeller!

Penny Zeller is releasing another Christian historical romance, called Forgotten Memories! It looks very intriguing, and the cover is AMAZING. Mark your calendars, because Forgotten Memories is coming August 30! First up, as always, the book info... 😉 Forgotten Memories Blurb Some memories are best forgotten… The Wyoming Territory is rife with lawlessness and disorder,… Continue reading Cover Reveal: Forgetten Memories by Penny Zeller!

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Cover Reveal for “Darkness Draws Near”!

Kristina Hall's second book in the Kentucky Midnight series is on its way with another epic cover!!! Darkness Draws Near is a Christian dystopian/romantic suspense and it releases this September! Book Info Genre: Christian dystopian/romantic suspenseAuthor: Kristina HallRelease: September Book Blurb Life’s worth fighting for … When Mellie Rivers opens her home to a young… Continue reading Cover Reveal for “Darkness Draws Near”!

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They had thought it all in the past. Yet now the storm has returned. IT. IS. HERE. The LONG-waited cover to the third book in Grace A. Johnson's Daughters of the Seven Seas series. Are you ready? Ha! Certainly, you didn't think you'd be getting it so easily, did you? Bound and Determined Blurb Port… Continue reading Cover Reveal: BOUND AND DETERMINED!!!

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We Need Realistic Fictional Families (a bookish rant)

More specifically, we need Christian families in fiction. I was reading A Hope Undaunted by Julie Lessman and realized all over again how much we NEED more good families - especially Christian families - in fiction. A Hope Undaunted is primarily a historical romance but the heroine, Katie, comes from the O'Connor family, and those… Continue reading We Need Realistic Fictional Families (a bookish rant)

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“What’s Your WIP?” Tag (+ snippets!)

I'll be using my historical romantic suspense WIP for this tag! And, yeah, that's all the intro for this because I'm so excited to get into it! So let's go! 😀 Wait - I do have something to say that I almost forgot; please note that all the snippets aren't from the final version of… Continue reading “What’s Your WIP?” Tag (+ snippets!)

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COVER REVEAL: Feathers and Roses: All Things Fairy Tale

Hello, my friend!! Today I'm participating in the "Feathers and Roses: All Things Fairy Tale Dual Cover Reveal", hosted by Jen’s Author Assistance. This reveal features both Iron by Madisyn Carlin and Roses, Thorns, & Curses by Jenavieve Rose! I'm soooo excited about this because I love fairytale retellings with a fun twist, and the… Continue reading COVER REVEAL: Feathers and Roses: All Things Fairy Tale

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How to Write a Book (hint: it’s not the “right” way.)

When you get serious about writing, one of the most natural things (in my case anyway) to do is to look to other authors for guidance on how to write. Should you make obsessive outlines before lifting a finger to write the actual first draft, or fly by the seat of your pants? Should you… Continue reading How to Write a Book (hint: it’s not the “right” way.)